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Los Guerreros:Warriors of the Soul/Warrior Goddesses & Queens of Africa & beyond

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Price: $25.00 /per person

Brid's Closet

296 main street · Cornwall, NY

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you can find us at Brid's Closet!

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Part 1

Los Guerreros :Warriors of the Soul

1 1/2 hr class

This class will explore the Santeria Warrior gods Eleggua, Ogun and Ochosi, traditionally referred to as the Guerreros. They function as a divine trinity to remove obstacles, clear paths and guide followers towards their ultimate destination. Participants will learn altar set up, appropriate chants and traditional offerings.

Part 2

1 1/2 hr class

Warrior Goddesses and Queens of Africa and Beyond An exciting look at both the ancient and modern warrior queens, priestesses and goddesses of Africa and the New World. Discover the real Amazons and Zulu queens that grace Africa’s exciting history. Oshun, the goddess of love, Yemaya the mother goddess who gently guides us down the proper path, LaSirene, Haitian Vodou's siren of the sea, and others will be explored.

Try and make this one..lots of information for a very reasonable price!

Biography Lilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I., New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo . Lilith Dorsey is a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly , filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation, author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism and The African-American Ritual Cookbook, and choreographer for jazz legend Dr. John's "Night Tripper" Voodoo Show. She believes ritual should be fun and innovative, and to that end she led the first ever Voodoo Zombie Silent Rave Ritual in July 2013, complete with confused Thriller flash mob.