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New York City Pagan Pride Day!

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New York City Pagan Pride Day

Come and spend the day showing your PAGAN PRIDE! Lots of fantastic vendors, workshops, performers and of course FUN with fabulous people! Bring a can of food for the food pantry or dog/cat food for our 4 leggeds! I'll be conducting interviews throughout the day. Raven and Stephanie Grimassi will be our keynote speakers this year! Lots more information to come!

Brid's Closet and Primal Percussions will be vending at this event as well! It's become a wonderful tradition to attend this fun event together! I suggest trying to car pool as well. Use the discussion board to connect with one another. Parking can be a pain in the village unless you are parking in a garage. I will be there early to set up the booth, as well as to conduct interviews with all of the teachers and presenters.

Also..a special shout out to Valarie Freseman and Beth Ann Mastromarino (Facilitators) for all the work and effort it takes to put such a wonderful event on!

Here is the run down of the day's events!

My tent will be next to Raven Grimassi's tent and Cucina Aurora's tent!

The run-down for this years Pagan Pride day!! I look forward to seeing everyone there!!
A Tent B Tent
11:00-11:45 Raven Grimassi- Mind Forest: Plant Spirit Communication Enrico Fales- Thelemic Ethics
12-12:45 : Alex- 7 Spheres of Transformation Courtney Weber: Running in Circles: : Finding, Founding, Flourishing your own Magickal Group
1:45-2:30 Jon: Sigils, Bind Runes, and the Language of Intention Qumran: Practical Magick
2:45-3:30 Yuya: Sacrifices, Offerings, and Rituals from a West African Perspective Crystallia Sage: Introduction to Tarot
Children’s Activities Ongoing Ongoing

Main Stage and Rituals(NOTE: Rituals may not take place on the stage, necessarily.
Opening Ritual and Ancestor Honoring- 11:00
11:30-12:00 Cucina Aurora/Dawn Hunt
12:00-12:45 Awen Music
1:00 Performance: Veronica(dance)
1:30 Speaker: Raven Grimassi
2:00 Performance: Indigo (Dance)
2:45-4:00 Alessandra Belloni- Italian and Brazilian Folk Drumming, Song, and Dance. Tarantella!

4:00 (or 4:15, depending): Closing Ritual: Grailwood Coven