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Learn how to be Happy NOW, improve health and make money too
Change your life now- Attend our gathering with light food and a presentation on You Are The Project, the life transforming program that teaches you how to be happy (like the happiness courses at Harvard and Yale). Also learn how to great improve your health and live much longer ("50% of Age Super Health). And learn how to basically have a guarantee that you'll accomplish your goals this year (lose weight, become happier, write a book, learn a language, make a great relationship etc.) 5:30pm: enjoy some healthy snacks while socializing 6:00pm: introduction to the 1-year happiness program 7:00pm: we invite you to attend this week's actual Happiness lesson Come see what it's all about (you'll be happy you did :)

You Are The Project reception space

4000 S. Easter Av. Suite 150 (corner Flamingo & Eastern) · Las Vegas, NV

What we're about

For everyone who really wants to improve themselves (and make 2018 the best year ever!).

We will discuss and then strongly encourage each other to actually make continued, effective action towards our goals.

Remember YOU are the project. It's really what we are about. We want YOU to start working on YOU as the main project (not just on external projects). You should start looking at yourself at THE Project/business. Your real business in life should mainly be about you improving yourself, starting with your body. What good does it do you if you have a broken down body and a billion dollars. So make a commitment to more seriously take care of your body now.

And next there is your mind, which is directly connected with your spirit. How can you be happy if your mind is always racing and out of control. You can't even sleep well nor enjoy the moment (the present).

And finally you must work on your spirit/character. What good does it do to be rich and not be able to enjoy it because you are enslaved by addictions, always greedy and dissatisfied and never able to enjoy what you already have. And improvement in our spiritual allows us to feel the ultimate happiness, love.

We will be working on improving YOU in all 3 of these areas. Body, mind and spirit. A big side benefit is that you will also actually become better at focusing and making money as well. And you'll enjoy much better relationships and intimacy etc.

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