What we're about

For everyone who really wants to improve themselves (and start this year strong towards an amazing 2020!).

We will discuss and then strongly encourage each other to actually make continued, effective action towards our goals.

Remember YOU are the project. It's really what we are about. We want YOU to start working on YOU as the main project (not just on external projects). You should start looking at yourself at THE Project/business. Your real business in life should mainly be about you improving yourself, starting with your body. What good does it do you if you have a broken down body and a billion dollars. So make a commitment to more seriously take care of your body now.

And next there is your mind (and basic character/spirit). How can you be happy if your mind is usually thinking bad or negative thoughts and out of control. You can't even sleep well nor enjoy the moment (the present).

And finally money, actually the least important after you have your survival needs, but the one everyone spends all their efforts on (usually to the exclusion of their health and character). We work on this too, but with an approach of simplifying life, being mindful of your spending and self-control and learning how to work much more effectively to make more money with less effort.

We will be working on improving YOU in all 3 of these areas. Body, mind and money (Happy body, Happy mind and Happy money). And when you have good control and balance in these 3 areas you'll almost certainly make and enjoy much better relationships.

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