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The Open Way Gathering with Cory Bright

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Are we really the identity, image or story adopted &

presented to us or are we beyond any conditioned notion

of who we think we are?

Beyond story or any image of “self”… we are spaciousness. We can

Relax and Enjoy as

"Open Awareness that knows no Boundary"

Every One,

This gathering will be lead by Cory Bright. Each gathering he leads has a different flavor and sharings are always new and unique. He will mix it up as you see in the flyers (which are links) below. We recommend that you go to see more info on this & The Open Way and Enlarged versions of the flyers below


Cory has been leading nondual oriented gatherings for many years. In California, New York & Florida.

At his gatherings…. he starts with a short meditation… then sits, shares and dialogues on the true nature of who we are as Open Awareness.

There is an Open Space that arises as he shares to where the “actuality” of what the words are arising as dawns and is seen to be true nature of who we are. “ Awareness that Knows No Boundary”.

Beyond story, image and identity. He is also known for hosting and organizing events for teachers local and from around the world.

He has an amazing vision beyond and embracing his sharings & teacher hosting and also is a “one man show”.

So, The Open Way welcomes all support as donations, volunteer & collaborations to help to continue with this unique vision to be revealed

Be Free to rsvp here at meetup.

As Love Always.. Cory

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