What we're about

This is a group that will open the door for you to train with the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler. As you may or may not know NLP, stands for:

Neuro – nervous system through which experience is received and processed through the five senses

Linguistic – language and nonverbal communication systems through which neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning

Programming – the ability to organize our communication and neurological systems to achieve specific desired goals and results.

(Taken out of the original NLP Manual)

Dr Richard Bandler is an information scientist who has dedicated his life to study successful people, model what they do and create patterns that we now can learn and apply for ourselves.

His way of teaching is unique, it really is quite an extraordinary experience to be in the same room with him, to listen to him, to be look at by him and let alone to be hypnotized by him. So...

That said, this group is about inviting you to hear ‘The Why Train with Richard Bandler...’, bring you back to the origins of a one of kind teaching and sparkle the honor that one must express for the creators of any of our interests in life.

With love an light, I am happy to welcome you. I am going to start with free locations i.e. Regent’s Park, it will be a rather free style happening, everyone is invited, NLP love’s fears so please bring all phobias along and let’s embrace a life changing training together.

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