What we're about

This group is for anyone passionate about product quality and what it takes to delight customers to come together to meet, interact, and network.

1. People first.
• Not only the customers and end-users, but also every human (workers) who touches the product from inception to destruction
• No human harmed at any point
• Recognition, respect for the dignity, empathy and validation of all human contribution and touchpoints
• No destruction of planet and limited resources that sustain human life
2. Questioning the status quo as well as the unknown.
• how to use technology to increase quality of life for all involved across all phases of the product lifecycle development and usage from inception to destruction.
• why are things done, made, built, promoted, manufactured, destroyed this way?
• what are the implications of these actions?
• how can this process, product, viewpoint be improved?
3.  Finding the market first.
• Demonstrating that a problem is worth solving;
• Encouraging identification of solutions for problems that must be solved that may never have a market to enhance the quality of life on the planet for all.
4. Empowering people with knowledge.
• Providing a foundation of knowledge via educational events that forward product leaders, makers and business people to be accountable for the results of their product endeavors
• Increasing exposure to thought leaders and ideas via community and digital events, summits, conferences, meetups, workshops, hands-on and immersive, experiential trainings on subject matter immediately implementable and executionable
• Opening doors, providing bridges and making this information accessible across boundaries
5.  Identifying appropriate process as opposed to forcing process on people and systems.
• Employing systems approaches and best practices
• Recognizing process (or lack thereof) is a symptom of culture – not a bandaid or panacea
• Functionality first: Form follows function
6. Implementing tools with empathy for the people involved.
7. Long tail view – immediate experimentation for sustainable, long term results.
8. Cross functional, cross-discipline and cross-team collaboration.
9. Bias towards.
• action, 
• inclusion,
• transparency,
• win/win,
• diversity,
• productized results, and 
• continuous learning organizations.
We welcome people from all disciplines and stages of product evolution:

  • Designers
    UX professionals
    Founders, funders, CEOs
    Software developers
    Product Marketers, Agile Marketers, Growth Hackers
    Product managers
    Community managers
    Customer Support & Service
    Content strategists
    Business Analysts
    Project managers
    And anyone who loves to talk and think about products!

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Product Therapy

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