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What we’re about

What is the purpose of this group? To love ourselves, to become empowered and to grow! We will learn how to be conscious creators, how to heal through holistic means, learn about our emotions and to feel them, and find ways to nurture ourselves deep to the core. We will create a community of love and support to help empower us to be the greatest people we can be, and learn many different resources to allow love, healing and empowerment to enter our lives completely. Come learn about ways to heal at the root, create connection in your community, keep your brain and heart connected to stay in love and out of fear and to be resilient on your hero's journey.

If you have something to offer, or teach within this group to empower individuals to love and accept themselves, and bring greater awareness, please contact Korenna Aster (Tanya Kutterer), the organizer, or come to one of our meetups!

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