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Illuminate Your Purpose with the Angels: 4 Weeks to CLARITY in Your Calling

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Note: This is a 4 Week VIRTUAL PROGRAM

Do you dream of having…

· Unstoppable confidence in your spiritual gifts and intuition?

· Your own practice or business as a healer, spiritual teacher, life coach, author, and/or lightworker?

· Joy in your heart when you wake up in the morning because you get to inspire and help others in meaningful ways?

· The freedom to shine brightly and be loved and accepted for the true, authentic you (no longer needing to hide your sensitivity, *weirdness* or spiritual gifts)?

· Peace of mind knowing you are financially supported in your fulfilling, spiritual *work*?

You know you are on this planet at this time for a reason… that there's *something* you're supposed to do to make a positive difference…

But you might be confused, wondering what your purpose actually is… and how to get there.

Does this describe you too?


about your spiritual gifts and how your gifts could possibly support you financially

Overwhelmed, Drained and Frustrated

in a job that’s just not fulfilling

Worried or Depressed

because there are people out there who need your help… yet you are stuck inside four walls under fluorescent lights. You know your life is meant to be so much more, and your spirit is

Tired of feeling drained, depleted, and only half-alive...

Courtney understands how you feel… That’s why she created the

Illuminate Your Purpose with the Angels: 4 Weeks to CLARITY in Your Calling!

This program provides everything you need for…

§ Clarity in your calling, including a clear understanding of exactly what you were born to do (your divine purpose)

§ A realistic action plan (which may include when and how to start your healing business and how to transition away from or leave your job)

§ Open, crystal clear channel of intuition for ongoing guidance from your angels and soul every step of the way (trust and confidence in your decisions!)

§ Freedom to fully express the true, authentic you (embracing your sensitivity, *weirdness* and spiritual gifts)

§ A heart overflowing with joy because you are finally at peace doing what you were meant to do!

Check out for more, and to sign up!