Angel Talk with Sunny Dawn Johnston & Courtney Long


Got a question about your life?
Your Angels have the answer!

The Angels.
Your Question.
The Angels’ Answer.

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Join Sunny Dawn Johnston and Courtney Long for an inspiring and motivating evening as they connect with the Angels and receive messages and intuitive guidance for YOUR everyday questions and concerns.

We’ll start with a short meditation to call upon your team of Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spiritual Guides, Departed Loved Ones, the Ascended Masters, and any other Angels of love and light assisting you on your journey.

Sunny and Courtney will offer mini intuitive readings with the Angels’ specific answers and guidance for as many questions as possible. All attendees will have the opportunity to ask one question each; although, based on time constraints, there is no guarantee that all participants will be selected for questions during this session. More than likely, others’ readings will speak to your heart and answer your question too. We are all connected in oneness, and so many of us are experiencing similar changes and transitions right now. You will have the added bonus of learning from others’ experiences and guidance as well, and the group energy can accelerate the healing process.

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