Mantra & Meditation: Theme - Divine Love

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A&A Spiritual Concepts

5141 E Ludlow Dr · Scottsdale, AZ

How to find us

Cross streets are 52nd St. & Thunderbird Rd. This is a residence that is being used as a sanctuary. Look for the white lion on the mailbox. Parking is available in the circle or on the street.

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Mantra is a wonderful way to join together in a format that allows each of us to practice our our own belief systems while sharing common space. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of mantra have been researched and proven many times over and include, but are not limited to:

- Stress relief
- Movement of energy throughout the body, regulating the chemicals in the brain
- Releases endorphins
- Regulates heart rate
- Enhances positive alpha, gamma, delta, and theta brainwaves
- Increases immune functions and lowers blood pressure
- Drowns out negative voices in our minds, allowing room for positive thoughts
- Easy way to direct thoughts and achieve physical and mental wellbeing


Join us every two weeks as we come together in this wonderful practice, focusing on a different topic each time. The flow of our time together will include:

- Group discussion and sharing on the evening's topic
- Review of the mantra, it's meaning and time to align the energy of the mantra to each individuals personal intentions/beliefs/practice
- For those who would choose, a mudra (hand position) will also be shown and may be used during the mantra
- Mantra begins
- Flow from mantra into meditation/prayer, allowing the energy and personal connection made through the mantra to settle in
- Using breath, we will slowing return to the space and complete our time together with a bit more sharing as individuals feel called


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Divine Love

What does divine love mean to you? How do you connect with the energy of divine love? How can you continue to expand with and in this energy? What choices can you make daily to be an expression of divine love?

Mantra: Aham Prema

Mudra: Apan



Suivera™ is Amber & Austin's most recent initiative. Formalized in 2019, Suivera™ is a 501(c)(3) Multi-Faith Organization that seeks to unite all faiths through a common platform of unconditional love, compassion and a desire to grow together as a community, while maintaining each faith’s specific practices. Suivera™ serves as a safe space for individuals to express their own beliefs while simultaneously sharing and learning from others. We consider it much like the United Nations for faiths – each participant serving as a delegate, representing and sharing their practice while supporting and gaining knowledge and awareness of others as we all move toward common goals within our communities.

In this approach, Suivera™ also realizes that every community is only as strong as each member within it. For this reason, Suivera™ focuses on integrating the health and wellness of body, mind and spirit through education and personal/spiritual development. When we as an individual feel healthy and secure, we are better able to share and build within our community.

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