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Journey into the Light - Energy Frequency Meditation for Health and Happiness

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AMAZING JOURNEY in the Harmonious Energies of Different aspects of Dimensional Love & Beings. Stuart will take us on journey through multiple dimensions as we experience and receive the Love, Balance, Consciousness & frequencies of various aspects of Divine Engery (both Male & Female).

Join the Spiritual Development Group for MEDITATION NIGHT as we experience profound energy & a deep meditation practice (all levels welcome!)

($10.00 for this class)

This is a night for all who desire to experience a truly unique, powerful, and moving energy night as we connect to source energy and all its wonders.

Stuart Harman will be unlocking universal energies to transform and improve participants physical, mental, and emotional health.
These energies are NOT YOUR NORMAL ENERGIES. They can, in many cases, IMMEDIATELY cause you to feel an INCREDIBLE sense of peace, wellness, relaxtion and vitality. Participants can open up to specific energies that help with physical, emotional, or mental stress they could be currently experiencing, which (in turn) can help revitalize and rejuvenate you.

We have many special guests from above visit us for healing and raising your vibrational energy. Many Ascended Masters, Angels and ArchAngels have been coming as well as many other loving friends from above. If you'd like to feel true love, you have to come feel their energies!

About Stuart:
His energy channeling is unlike any other. Since 1995, he has helped countless people in a multitude of personal, professional, relational, and spiritual topics. He can also consciously and unconsciously channel many ascended masters, angels, spirit guides, past loved ones, friends, and family members. His ability to anchor in dimensional energies for healing, clearing, raising your vibration, and meditations is truly a privileged experience as participants are “touched by the hand of God” while being infused with light and love energies throughout your body. This is NOT your average run of the mill normal energies.


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