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The world needs more responsible leaders.

If you are an ambitious, purpose driven male wanting to develop into the best version of yourself, make a difference/impact and are interested in learning about what it takes to become more confident, purposeful, decisive, motivated, responsible, financially savvy and an overall better leader and person, then join our movement.

One of the fastest ways to accelerate your personal development, is to surround yourself with like-minded people that are doing or accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

We know that women are great at coming together and forming communities with like-minded people. We men can learn from that. Collaboration is more powerful than competition. You can expect to learn & share the following:

Success tips & strategies, advanced psychology & mindset, business success, style & grooming, relationship & dating tips, marketing tips & strategies, leadership tips & strategies, wealth & money principles & strategies.

Topics range from:

- How to identify your purpose & passion

- How to communicate with authority

- How to dress for success

- How to manage money and create wealth

- How to commercialize your passion

- How to develop the psychology of achievement

- How to get rid of brain blocks that prevent success

- How to think successfully

- How to lead effectively

- How to use your strengths to make a difference

- How to develop a personality that makes an impact

- How to be a better lover

- How to start or grow a business

- How to be a better dad

- How to deal with divorce or relationship split ups

- How to improve your productivity

- How to elevate your consciousness

- How to tap into your higher mental faculties

and much more..

We discuss practical topics that incorporate real life education which isn't taught at schools. universities & in the workplace.

Making a living at work is not exactly the way to a successful & fulfilling life.

"It's not about what you do. It's about who you become."

"You can only become great, if you are aware of all the possibilities for you to become great"

We look forward to growing, transforming and developing with you.

Join our movement and community ----> https://www.facebook.com/groups/wearesuccessfulmen/ (https://www.facebook.com/thesuccessfulmale/)

Please note, those who register and don't attend will be deleted from the group. It's common courtesy to ensure that if you register and your availability changes, please unregister.

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