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Game day at the Y.

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This event will be at the main YMCA building. Again, not a hard end time, but the Y does close at 7. If this is your first visit to the Y, please bring a picture ID and stop at the Welcome Center to sign in. Once you are in the system you will only need to check in each visit. Bring any games that you want to play. If you wnat me to bring a particular game let me kniow. You can check out my collection on, username sdschlager.

The order is: Rachel, James, Matthias, Andrew, Phredd, Hope, Satish, Pete, Joe, Brian, Charlie, Dan, Chris, Art, Melissa, Xander, Erin, Steffan, Rhette, John, Francis, Dennis, Neal, Giacomo, Lou, Jacob.

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Templecon registration is open and my schedule is:


11 am Bora Bora

2 pm In the Year of the Dragon

5 pm Lords of Waterdeep

11 pm Trajan


10 am Suburbia

1 pm Small World

3 pm El Grande

So, sign up for any events you want to play in soon. Also, I'll be looking to teach these games as much as possible between now and then.

Hope to see you!!