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This group is for people who want to discover and expand their intuitive abilities through the Theta Healing® modality. Theta Healing® is an energy healing meditation technique that uses the theta brainwave to access the subconscious mind. Theta Healing can be used to access information from Source, your higher self, spirit guides, plants, animals, etc. Theta Healing has been used to help people change their limiting subconscious beliefs that block them from manifesting the life they want mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you'd like to gain greater clarity on your purpose, heal from past hurt, and harness your intuitive abilities, please join our group to learn more about this fascinating technique!

Past events (14)

Theta Healing Swap Session

Arbutus Street

Theta Healing® Basic DNA Course

The Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto

Theta Healing® Advanced DNA Course

Zenden Gastown

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