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Creative entrepreneurial thinking for the ambitious

Two years ago I held a seminar and asked 70 would-be entrepreneurs if they wanted to make a million. Half put their hands up. Then I asked 'how many thought they would make a million', four people raised their hands. Wannabeneurs are the same as the thousands who audition for reality talent shows, full of hope, but no real understanding of what is required to make it.

To be a success you need self belief, skill, key knowledge and support. The free training workshops are designed to give you all four.

Over the last thirty years I have trained and mentored literally thousands of individuals in the art of success. Now I live a lifestyle most people would only dream of simply because I can do what I want, when I want, and where I want, every day of my's called 'freedom'. Few people have it, or understand it's true meaning.

I write novels, film scripts and books on success, as well as heading up an international free movement to promote entrepreneurial thinking, supporting people who actively seek success-based-thinking and the practical skill set to match.

Why do I know so much about success? .. I've learnt the hard way. No silver spoon, no rich family, just plain old self-belief and commitment to one concept: enjoying a life without limits or a fear of failure.

I will teach you everything you need to know about success for free, during live weekly two hour training sessions like this one, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls, the snakes and ladders game that is the path to financial freedom.
Here are some examples from my past:

Jim: 130 million in six years from scratch, now a tax exile... property Sales, no experience in property.
Andrew: 42 million in five years from leaving prison ... Back to bankrupt .. making it again in property sales.
Mark: 10 million importing substances ...broke, 12 years in prison, plenty of weird experiences, but a limited education.
Wilfred: 20million from fire retardant paint, learnt about opportunity at a dinner table. No experience in paint. Took action.
Mark: 6 million in offshore finance from no experience.. Saw an opportunity and took it.
The list goes on, but will the next millionaire be you?

Does money make you happy..NO!. But the freedom it can give you does.

The single most important key to success, is recognising when opportunity is knocking at your door and acting upon it.

TODAY the knocking is as loud as you will ever get. But statistically, 95 % of the population won't hear a thing ...can you hear destiny at your door?