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!!!Vinyl Rules!!! 2 Year Anniversary Tonight !!!Vinyl Rules!!!


!!!Vinyl Rules!!! 2 Year Anniversary !!!Vinyl Rules!!! (¬if_t=wall#!/event.php?eid=149436885068598)

2 years.
'nuff said.
Be there!

Well, almost 'nuff!
I'll be there late, of course, but you should go if you can. The music is nothing less than great!
This is more of a note really, but I wanted to get it out there even though it is very last minute.

Linh "Memory" Pham suggested this Meetup idea
It's the 2 year anniversary of Vinyl Rules at Fuse in Chapel Hill! One of my favorite local events with *really* good food til 2am (veggie tempura, dumplings, empanadas and more), great drinks, and good techy house that makes you move. Tomorrow night will feature Krox, Aldo Lopez, Nicholas Seward, and Justin Schumacker all the way from Brooklyn NY. Justin mixes with the faders *up*. Come out, I promise you won't be disappointed. (And I'm not a promoter for these guys. I'm really just that excited) 403 W Rosemary Street Chapel Hill, NC 10pm-2am free