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Bucky Fuller's Main Theses in "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth"

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We will explore the main theses of Bucky Fuller’s 1969 book “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” through the puzzling but evocative phrase "Comprehensively Commanded Automation" which is the title of chapter 3 in the book.

We will closely examine a condensed interpretation of the book through this significant phrase. We will examine how it serves as a unifying concept for the book that resonates repeatedly with key elements of the text revealing meanings that might otherwise be missed.

I have written an essay describing this interpretation to help participants prepare:

The event will feature an extended General Discussion on Bucky’s Core Ideas from the book "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth"

Read and discuss Buckminster Fuller’s 44 page masterpiece “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” with us.

To read the book on-line here are two options:

A 44 page PDF is at

A web-based copy is at

A playlist with the previous events in a short series exploring Bucky Fuller's "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" is at

Reading is strongly recommended to get the fullest value from the Meetups, but not required. This session will consider the whole book. If you do not have time for that read chapters 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8.

1) Presentation #1 by CJ Fearnley
2) Breakout #1
3) Presentation #2 by CJ Fearnley
4) General Q&A on presentations #1 and #2, and on the entire book "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth"
5) Breakout #2
6) Takeaways

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