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Time seems so simple. We experience it every second of the day and many of us run our lives wedded to deadlines and schedules. But if we took the time to stop and ponder this seemingly inevitable march, time becuase much more tricky to understand.

Sure most of us know that Einstein is credited with uniting time with space. This understanding of time certainly helps figure physical problems, but it doesn't get to the heart of some important questions.

For example, if time is really a part of space. How come I can move around in any direction of space, but time marches forward no matter what I do?

Both general relatively and quantum mechanics assume time can move in either direction, but that is not how we experience the universe. What is up with that?

Many thinkers have attributed this arrow of time to the second law of thermodynamics, aka entropy. But there is not unifying theory that connects entropy to time or these other fields of physics, they are just assumptions.

Then there are those who are on the edge of science like, Julian Barbour who say neither relativity or quantum mechanics require time, and that they are more easily unified without it. So why don't we just realize time is only an illusion that doesn't actually exists. I haven't checked his equations, but supposedly they work.

And Lee Smolin, who has never been on the string theory band wagon and says the only way we will find a unified theory is if we can create equations that build in the arrow of time. Of course he has been unable to do so thus far.

For me, time like consciousness is one of the great mysteries out there. If I had to guess they may be closely related. So at this meetup lets waste a little time and see if how confusing it can be.