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Together, let's change the way legal gets done!

In Silicon Valley, we've heard countless stories of brave business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs sharing firsthand accounts of hardships they face in building their companies. We've learned that a variety of barriers exist preventing business owners from getting the legal help they need. Legalucy (https://www.legalucy.com/) empowers business owners with the info. necessary to spot issues, take action, and stay safe with our interactive guide and risk management system. We make legal tasks fast, affordable, and even fun!

One way Legalucy makes a difference in the community by advancing equal opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs is by sponsoring Zimtalks (https://www.parazim.com/zimtalks)seminars. Join us for a local event, and learn how to #thinkoutsidethefirm (http://www.legalucy.com/) today!

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