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I am opening up this group to gauge interest and feasibility for putting together an intellectual discussion group in Winnipeg. Please send me an email if you are able to assist in any way: finding a place to meet, helping to organize and host meetings, financial contributions, etc. I live in Northern Minnesota and would be able to travel to Winnipeg to host meetings, but I would need some help, especially with finding a meeting space. Anybody interested?

think. aims to be a group where friendly, engaged, interested people to share a cooperative exploration and in depth examination of ideas in Philosophy, Science, and other attitudes of intellectual endeavor. We will meet for moderated discussions on a wide variety of topics from Epistemology to Metaphysics. We stress the values of agnosticism, open-mindedness, thoughtful argumentation, and a generally affable and non-dogmatic attitude. We believe in questioning everything, and being certain of nothing-- that most issues are more complex than they may appear from the outside, and that people ought to spend less time pontificating and try their best to... think.

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