How the Globe and Mail is using social media to connect with its readers

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Mainstream media is rapidly being undercut as audiences move to online social media and advertisers realize that what worked yesterday may not be working today.

So what's a newspaper guy going to do? Stick his head in the sand and hope that the user trends don't make him a casualty before retirement?

If you're Mathew Ingram (, you're taking a different path. You're embracing the new online social media tools and exploiting your incumbent advantages of authority and reach to try to build a new relationship with your audience in the new medium. And you're helping (pushing) your employer, Canada's newspaper of record, the Globe and Mail (, to embrace new media and explore their potential.

And if you're Mathew Ingram, you're going to share your knowledge, experience and vision with Third Tuesday.

The Globe recently appointed Mathew as their "communities manager." He is well qualified for this position, having established himself as one of Canada's most respected and widely followed technology bloggers and reporters.

Since he took over as community manager, the Globe has engaged in high profile social media experiments - most notably using CoverItLive for live coverage of a subway shooting in Toronto, the Canadian budget and the visit to Ottawa of President Obama; the establishment of a public policy Wiki; and encouraging other Globe reporters to make it personal by using Twitter.

Mathew will talk about these experiments and where he sees things going next.


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