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From the student to the CEO join us for a free evening of engaging how to bridge the gap between what we think we know and how to make things happen. Your benefit for participating in this program is a clear understanding of one thing: what it took to get from A to B is not the same thing it will take to get from B to C. This is why most people and businesses grow to a point and plateau. Most people only have to modify one or two small things to alter the course and direction of their whole life. Your participation is creating a nationwide program designed to bridge the gap between school and what happens in the real world. You get it all for free! Think of "Engaged" like a grocery store; you pick what you need and leave the rest for someone else. And just like a grocery store, there’s something for everyone. Your host ran away from home, quit school, skipped town to join a rock band, and ended up lost in Alaska where his lack of social skills fit in. He returned to the states, attracted eccentric mentors, and found himself in a position to quit "working" at age 40. He knows how to make things happen. Again, like a grocery store, take what you want and leave the rest. Held at the Courtyard Marriott off Metro Parkway in Ft. Myers in their Captiva Room 6:30-8pm. Bottled waters provided, no fee, bring something to take notes on. Make contacts, associate with fellow achievers, and feel the significance of being part of a group that truly thinks out of the box.

Court Yard by Marriott

4455 Metro Pkwy · Fort Myers, FL

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What's in it for you? What it took to from A to B is not the same thing it will take to get from B to C. This is why most people and businesses plateau. In time we say things like "I'm getting-by" or "I'm doing ok" when ok or getting-by was never the goal. Join the "Third Draft" for free workshops where we explore the concept of making things happen. Brainstorming sessions, workshops, guest speakers and think-tanks offer members the ability to connect with fellow movers and shakers to help get "unstuck" and grow your personal network while learning what drives those that make things happen.

There's a time to be selfish. Come see what's in it for you and why we're growing!

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