Saturday CRATE DAY AND BOGAN BASH Hash Run #1427


Balls Deep is your hare and is promising the last great Saturday Hash of 2019.

Dress up as a bogan – ie come as you are, maybe.

• Circle up - Observatory Hill Park, Millers Point


• On inn - Harbour View Hotel 18 Lower Fort St, Dawes Point

• What to bring
Running gear and/or bogan gear, $10 bucket fee (unless you have prepaid) and a sense of humour.

• Important to know
There is always someone to take care of your gear, so you don't have to run with anything. We have fast and slow runners, and walkers. The aim to have everyone finish about the same time and socialise.

We expect about 40 people so if you've never hashed before just wear your running gear and come and watch everyone else make fools of themselves!

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