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Not Dreamy Draw! Thunderbird FITNESS Hike
Difficulty: High (pace, length, inclines, temperature, few breaks) Trail: rocky, some steep inclines Distance: 5.0 miles Elevation Gain: 600' We will start by crossing Pinnacle Peak Rd, then hike west on the northernmost of the Hedgepeth hills (aka H2) along the Cholla Loop. We follow Cholla all the way around to Coach Whip trail, meander on Coach Whip briefly to cross 59th Ave, followed by the challenging incline of Arrowhead Point trail to the top of peak H3. After catching our breath, we'll continue down Arrowhead Point trail, meet up with Coach Whip again, then head north to the parking lot. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! As stated, this is a fitness hike. We will be keeping a strong pace, even in the summer heat, and will be taking few breaks, if any. Honest assessment of your current fitness level and hiking abilities will be the best way to guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable hike. Also, there is no designated "sweeper" on this hike. If you don't know the trail, you will need to keep up with the group. DOGS: Please leave the furry friends home for this one. WHAT TO BRING: Water (2 liters - overestimate your water needs, because there is no place to refill on this trail), sunscreen or long sleeves for sun protection, electrolyte snacks (like Sports Beans, Gatorade gummies, etc). REMINDER: Begin to HYDRATE throughout the day leading up to the hike. Don't try to take in a bunch of water an hour before hike time! Your body can process only so much water at a time; if you drink a lot the last hour before the hike, all you'll do is make it so you have to hit the bathroom before the hike starts, and you won't really be hydrated. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From loop 101: Go north on 59th avenue, toward the hills. Drive up the hill and go under the footbridge. Parking will be at the bottom of the hill on the right, at the corner of 55th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Rd. From I-17: Take Pinnacle Peak Rd. west. As you approach the corner of Pinnacle Peak and 55th Ave, turn into the parking lot on the south (left) side of the road. Glendale Parks Information ( Thunderbird Park - Google Maps (

Thunderbird Park -North Parking lot

N 55th Ave & W Pinnacle Peak Rd, · Glendale

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The Hiking Hikers Hiking Group (“3H”) is an outdoor activities group, that seeks, through its members and member volunteers, to provide a supportive, nurturing environment for people to enjoy and explore the outdoors; increase awareness of and protect beautiful wild places; and promote physical conditioning and encourage personal growth.

The 3H encourages its members, comprised of singles, committed couples and married couples from the early twenties to the late sixties and beyond, to be well-prepared for each event attended by taking personal responsibility for their own safety and educating themselves on the skills and knowledge needed to be safe in the many places near and far that this group visits.

Education, common sense, respect for others and the willingness to help, by all of us, provides a fun, safe, and positive experience for everyone.

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