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Christopher Creek, Nature's Waterpark (Technical Canyoneering)

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Time to get out and play in the water! Christopher Creek is a super fun waterpark for the experienced hiker, and beginner canyoneer.

Please contact me if interested, and I will sign you up for the trip! Put yourself on the waiting list, and text 602-690-5485 or e-mail . However, please note that this trip is only for those who have either hiked with me (and for whom this event is suitable), or have proven canyoneering experience. I will limit the group to 8 people (have 4 as of now).

This is a TECHNICAL CANYONEERING trip with a few rappels up to 80 feet. You are responsible for your own safety, need personal canyoneering gear (harness, helmet, rappelling device, 2-3 locking carabiners, PAS, wetsuit (optional) good gripping shoes (fiveten recommended), and some group gear (webbing, rap rings, rope). I am not a guide, I am only getting people together to organize this trip, and 100% of the liability is yours! Neither myself, nor this meetups is responsible for your safety. Canyoneering is a risky and dangerous sport!

Description: This is a 3-4 hour trip, which depending on the number of people, flow of water, and the skill of participants could easily take us 6+ hours. We will not be in a hurry, and will focus on learning, improving skills, and enjoying this fantasic place! We head down to Christopher creek, where we get into the watercourse, and navigate the challenges to go downstream. This is slick rock, especially where wet (basically the entire trip), and requires floating, swimming in deep water, rappelling (or optional jumping in some sections) and some climbing skills. Do not underestimate the trip from a risk and fun standpoint. It's both:)

For those who do good on this trip, and interested, I may be able to make space on Sunday's technical canyoneering trip through Horsetank Wash (one of the most scenic WCC canyons).

This trip is subject to weather conditions, and subject to cancellation (or rescheduling)!

Happy Trails and Canyons!!!