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Tom's Thumb Loop from Gateway, Thompson Peak, Bell Pass and East End

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This wll be a very strenuous 14-16 mile counter-clockwise loop to Tom's Thumb with a stop off at Thompson Peak before continuuing on to Toms Thumb and returning by way of Tom's Thumb trail. It is expected to take approx. 6 hours or more depending on stop time for lunch and pics. This hike is for experienced hikers in excellent physical condition due to an approximate elevation gain of 5,000+ . This is not a speed/race contest and we will stick together so everyone gets back safely. Bring at least 3 liters+ of water, lunch, snacks, electrolytes, energy bars and whatever works for you. This is considered a awesome training hike for anyone interested as long as you are already in strong hiking condition.

We will start with a moderate warm up on a 1.5 mile trek to Bell Pass Trail, then a strenuous 2 miles going up to Bell Pass. We will then continue on the Bell Pass Trail for 1.3 miles towards the Windmill trail but side stepping on the Prospectors trail (approx. 3 miles) to Thompson Peak and then returning to Windmill Trail and catching a very strenuous 1.4 miles up the East End Trail. At the top of East End Trail we will continue another we will continue on the Toms Thumb Trail for another .5 mile before descending a very long down hill hike back to the Gateway Loop trails and on to the trailhead.