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Fry's Food Store

150 E Old West Hwy, Apache Junction, AZ 85119 (NE corner of Old West Hwy and N Idaho Rd) · Apache Junction, AZ

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At 7 AM in the Fry's lot, look for the gathering group of hikers in the most northwesterly parking lot area to the west of the buildings and close to Idaho Rd. We'll be in a Gray Mercury Mariner SUV.


Here's a virtually unknown route we first featured for 3H last year. This will be two separate hikes along two separate mountain ranges (both the Superstitions and the Goldfields) packed into just a 4.9 mile trek. Canyon Lake views galore! Please do take the time to read this entire post. There is a lot of helpful information in here, and it will assist all hikers if everyone is well informed prior to this endeavor. This hike starts along the fabled Apache Trail and climbs up into the Superstition Mountains. There we will encounter a peak covered in petrified wood. Although this is a recently cairned route, the trail is indistinct at times. There is no bushwhacking, per se, but there is some route finding along what is a very faint trail, at times. Don't worry, we have hiked this a few times now, we know the route, and have provided cairns to mark the way. Long pants are highly recommended. Along with plenty of ups and downs, this trail has increasingly spectacular views of Canyon Lake. They are some of the best we have ever found. We will establish cars at either end of this trail, so that following this leg, we can get in vehicles and move on down the road to our next adventure. This time we will complete a 2 mile, out and back hike to the finest view offered of Canyon Lake and the surrounding mountains. We will climb a total of around 1200 feet of elevation gain in these two hikes, and 4.9 miles of total distance. Due to the nature of this hike, involving some off trailing and many unsigned junctions, it is recommended that we keep within close proximity of each other. We will stop at each junction to assure we have everybody, but if you are ahead of the hike leaders, you are on your own. We find walking sticks/poles helpful on this hike, though they are not required. Again, long pants would also be of good use. A jacket or other garment might be helpful, as well, as it is often a bit cool, and windier, up top, especially on our second hike overlooking Canyon Lake. Distance: 4.9 miles Elevation Gain: 1200 feet Hike Time: Expect to spend 4 to 5 hours on these treks depending on the group's speed. Difficulty: This hike would be considered moderate to moderately difficult by most. What To Bring: Water (at least 3 liters), sunscreen, hat, camera, snacks/lunch, long pants, and sturdy footwear. Note: There is no water or facilities at the trailhead. CARPOOLING: 7 AM in the Apache Junction Fry's Food lot (150 E Old West Hwy, Apache Junction, AZ 85119). Look for the gathering group of hikers in the most northwesterly parking lot area to the west of the buildings and close to Idaho Rd. We'll be in a Gray Mercury Mariner SUV. From there we will caravan to the trailheads along the Apache Trail. We will leave half our cars at the starting trailhead, and the other half at the ending trailhead. This will allow us to do this first hike as a one way route. Thereafter, we will take that second set of vehicles to the next trailhead just down the road from there, where we will complete the second hike which is out and back. Group size is not restricted by Wilderness rules, as we will hike just outside the boundaries of the Superstition Wilderness. However, due to the nature of this hike, and some of the smaller trailheads, we will limit this hike to make sure we can accommodate everyone at the trailheads and along the trails.