Dreamy Draw Evening Fitness VOAZ Loop

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Trail: Various marked and unmarked trails

Length: 5-ish miles

Elevation Gain: 400'

Difficulty: Difficult, steep inclines, strong pace, one or two quick stops

From the parking lot, we'll head east past the restrooms, then take a right on Trail 220. After a bit, we'll connect to Trail 1A as we continue up a long, gradual incline. About 3/4 of the way up the gradual incline, we will take an unmarked branch off of Trail 1A to the right. We'll switchback our way up a very challenging incline to a high saddle, then drop down a bit and connect up to Trail 1A/302. We'll take a branch left and continue switchbacking our way up the trail, climbing some stairs here and there, up to a second, higher saddle. There are two benches at this point where we can catch our breath. After a quick break, we'll continue on Trail 1A/302 down until it joins the VOAZ trail, which branches left. We follow VOAZ up to a third saddle, then down to another junction with Trail 1A. We'll go right on Trail 1A for just a little bit, then take an unmarked trail down to connect up to Trail 100. We'll go left on Trail 100 and head back to the parking lot, joining Trails 1A and 220 along the way.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! There is no designated "sweeper" on this hike, meaning if you don't know the trail, you will need to keep up with the group. Honest assessment of your current fitness level and hiking abilities will be the best way to guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable hike.

- If you don't know the trail, please make sure you stay with someone in the group. If the group you're with still happens to get lost, you will be easier to find as a group than as an individual.

- If you get lost, or if you turn back, PLEASE post a comment on this hike so the hike leaders will know!

DOGS: Please leave the furry friends home for this one.

WHAT TO BRING : Water (at least 2 liters - overestimate your water needs, because there is no place to refill on this trail), sunscreen or long sleeves for sun protection, electrolyte snacks (like Sports Beans, Gatorade gummies, etc), a headlight or flashlight because we can be out after dark!

REMINDER: Begin to HYDRATE throughout the day leading up to the hike. Don't try to take in a bunch of water an hour before hike time! Your body can process only so much water at a time; if you drink a lot the last hour before the hike, all you'll do is make it so you have to hit the bathroom before the hike starts, and you won't really be hydrated.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: The 2421 E. Northern Ave address listed above will take you to the Northern Ave exit ramp off of Route 51. Once off of the 51, take Northern Ave east (away from the setting sun, for the directionally challenged) and follow it until it dead-ends at the parking lot.