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Hey LA!

Join us to discover what small changes you can make to create the life, career, relationships, happiness you want with some laughs along the way!

As an Integrative Life & Wellness Coach, I understand that the quality of our lives and laughter are a result of not only food and exercise but equally important the quality of our perception, our relationships and community (good on you for joining meetup :)), our enjoyment at work and associated stress and spirituality meaning doing things that make us smile. These areas are too often forgotten and yet are as important as drinking water and getting enough sleep.

Our workshops will focus on providing fun engaging topics throughout the year on a variety of topics across the 6 areas of integrative life that I coach on:
Your Why
Your Mindset
Health & Food

Please join us for any topics that resonate with you and feel free to message me with any specific topics that interest you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!
Debora Gemmell
Integrative Life & Wellness Coach
Thrive Wellness Solutions
Toronto Canada

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