International Biohacker Bulletproof Social #2 - SOUND MASSAGE SPECIAL : )

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Simply Keto

Invalidenstraße 154 · 10115 Berlin

How to find us

We're on the big table : )

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By popular demand and over subscription of our first event, BioHacker Berlin is back at the low carb paradise of Simply Keto!

Finally there is a place where we can socialise, eat and drink and still keep to our diets! We are 104 new members and counting and we have so many interesting things to share, so let's meet and make merry with actually tasty gluten free bread, veggie wraps, low carb 'milky ways' and stevia iced teas.

The owners of Simply Keto are great and started their cafe not long ago. We are exactly the clientele they want. They actually serve Bullerproof Coffee, I am a Bulletproof Coach In Training and the owner, Robert, follows Dave Asprey, so Bulletproof is on the menu.

Tech to experiment with

If you want, bring a bio-hacking device to show and tell. I'll bring my CES Cerebro Electro Stimulation, infrared lighting, and Electro-magnetic Therapy devices for you to try while eating sugar-free, gluten free waffles. I'll also bring one of these: ( , so we can debate whether it actually does structure water! This was a hot topic of discussion last week.

Sound Massage!

EDIT: I am excited to confirm that Sonorrari ( )will be bringing two of their new Sound Massage chairs, which uses music and binaural beats for all body vibration, which has all kinds of beneficial biohacking effects in theory: detoxing of the cells through the lymph system; flushing of stress hormones to reset the automatic nervous system; neurogenesis; psychosomatic awareness i.e. bringing us out of our head and into our bodies, and much more. We can perhaps experiment throwing in the CES device at the same time :) I'll give it a go!

Relaxed social atmosphere

This is primarily a social event, but a social event for those with just an interest or perhaps even knowledge in health and bio-hacking. If you feel you do not know anything, then we love you because you can ask lots of questions and we will try to answer them. You can test our knowledge! If you know loads, then we love you because we can have interesting conversations and share with others. Science trolls need not apply ;)

"Real RSVPing"

Please RSVP and show up, or cancel enough in advance if plans change.

It is much better for the group and Simply Keto if the RSVP list actually reflects the attendees list, so please engage in 'Real RSVPing'.


The low carb paradise the event is in:

The CES device I am bringing:

The PEMF electro magnetic device I am bringing:

The type of simple infrared light I will bring:

The water structuring carafe: (

Future events

Please comment and suggest any events you would like.

27th April; Biohacking party at Betahaus!

Events in the pipeline:

- BioHacker Berlin Hyperbaric oxygen sessions

- BioHacker Berlin Cryotherapy sessions

- BioHacker Berlin Meets the chickens - A visit to a farm wherewe meat the egg bearers

- Biohacker Berlin meet, greets and eats a cow - A visit to a grass fed cow organic farm where we choose a cow and then eat it all together - not one for the vegans (which I used to be).

- BioHacker Berlin does Simply Run - Social runs with running start-up Simply Run:

- And loads more things that you suggest!


N.B. I had made this event a pre-pay on Paypal event, but Paypal wanted 50c out of each €4, so that didn't seem worth it. So, to make things clear, it is now just an event where you come and consume something delicious at Simply Keto. We will organise some kind of set menu event soon, but we will think the payment system through properly :)