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Maybe you’ve heard the phrase ‘rewiring your brain’ and wonder what it’s about, if it really works, or if it’s just some fluffy, abstract concept?

The answer is yes! This has been scientifically proven and tested with hundreds of people to work with astounding results.

Imagine if you could take charge of your life to:

  • Create time for the important people and things in your life
  • Make the money you want with confidence and certainty
  • Release any mom guilt you feel and be fully present with your kids while building the career of your dreams
  • Experience relief from stress and anxiety worrying that you’re not good enough to achieve your goals - whether that’s in your career or being a good mom to your kids

As a highly ambitious, go-getting working mom myself, I want proven methods that get results fast in an effective, permanent way. By literally rewiring the neurons in your brain, you can experience lasting results and experience greater inner peace, calm and confidence.

You’ll know that no matter what happens, you have what it takes to overcome and get through it and thrive. This is a very empowering place to live from and gives you the freedom to be whoever you want to be!

Now, you can combine the latest research from neuroscience with a meditative practice that taps into your intuitive subconscious mind and more importantly, that’s been proven to work!

Come experience this for yourself at this free demo event!

Each Meetup event deals with a topic or concept from my signature program, the Dream Life Accelerator, that causes stress, anxiety or burnout for working moms, such as:

  • Feeling like you never have enough time or energy for what you want to do
  • Worrying you won’t have enough money for you and your kids’ future
  • Grappling with mom guilt that leads to not being fully present at work or at home
  • Neglecting self-care because you’re so busy taking care of everyone else
  • How to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister and all the multiple roles you play with ease and joy
  • Dealing with the difficulty of saying no without feeling bad
  • Doubting your decisions, capabilities, skills, and second guessing yourself when it comes to making decisions about your career or as a mom
  • Free yourself from feeling trapped…in a job, an industry, a business, a relationship, or anything that no longer serves you
  • And more!


Is this group only for moms?
Not at all! I welcome all women regardless of whether you’re a mom or not. This is however, a women-only group because I intentionally want to create a safe and supportive space. Guys, if you’re interested in learning and experiencing more calm and confidence, do check out our other groups within the network: https://www.meetup.com/pro/rewire-your-brain-to-fearless-and-free/https://www.meetup.com/pro/rewire-your-brain-to-fearless-and-free/

Is this a therapy session or support group?
No, this is not a therapy session. I’m certified to carry out the protocol used in these sessions and I also have 2 decades of corporate experience as a certified leadership trainer and coach, recruiter and HR practitioner. While this is a safe method to use alongside any medical treatment or therapy you may currently be receiving, I’m not a licensed therapist and it does not replace any treatment or therapy. Please consult your doctor or therapist before attending if you’re currently undergoing treatment for mental health issues.

How quickly can I expect to see results?
Depending on what you’re working on, and how complicated or deep your stress, anxiety or trauma goes, I’ve had clients experience transformations from within a few minutes to multiple sessions. Since this is a mindful, meditative process that’s safe, private, respectful and works even on an unconscious level, some clients attend it to experience more peace and calm even if they don’t have anything particular they consciously want to work on.

How much does it cost to attend?
Our introductory demos are free to attend. I do invite you to join my signature program, the Dream Life Accelerator at the end of the introductory demo where you have the opportunity to work more closely with me to see faster and deeper results.

Can I learn this method to incorporate into my existing practice?
Yes! We have fellow certified practitioners who are coaches, therapists, medical practitioners, healers, and more. This method is inclusive which makes it easy to integrate into your existing modality. Send me a private message to learn more about how you can expand your practice by incorporating this method.

Upcoming events (4)

End Confusion & Self-Doubt to Make Decisions With Clarity & Confidence

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When we’re faced with difficult decisions or when we don’t have answers to a question or problem we’re facing in our career or life, it’s easy to assume that we’re stuck or perhaps don’t have what it takes to figure it out.

I know when I feel that way, I can get worried and stressed because of how trapped it can make me feel…

…until I discovered the MAP™ Method that rewires how your mind works so that you can begin to see things in a different, wider perspective.

Armed with MAP™, I now use it to help me figure out problems with creativity, make decisions with clarity, and take actions with courage that are aligned with who I want to be.

I create the life I want rather than feel powerless, as if I’m subject to the push and pull of external circumstances or people I have no control over. I would love to share this with you so you too, can be empowered to create the life you want.

Come see if MAP™ works for you in this free demo session and experience the relief, wisdom and confidence that MAP™ can bring you.

When: 5 February, 9.30AM to 11.00AM SGT/ 4 February, 8.30PM to 10.00PM EST
Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87520816032

This session is meditative in nature so it’s best to join the event from a quiet place without distractions.

See you soon!

Wanna Stop Neglecting Yourself Because You're Too Busy Taking Care of Everyone?

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As moms, we’re so used to taking care of everyone else's needs we often neglect our own. This doesn’t help you give the best to those you love. When your energy (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is depleted, you can’t give the best of yourself to others.

Invest 1.5 hours this week in your own self-care to attend this relaxing, safe, supportive, meditative session where you’ll rewire your brain to release thoughts and beliefs that you won’t be a good mom/wife/daughter/sister/colleague/boss or whatever multiple roles you play if you don’t give your time and attention to your kids or loved ones.

We'll use a revolutionary and proven science-based approach to dissolve your disempowering stories, past experiences and beliefs that hold you back!

You CAN be the best version of yourself and bring out the best in your kids, your spouse/partner, your family, your team and whoever you want to...yes! even your boss!

Bring whatever’s been bugging you to this live event and watch it dissolve in minutes*.
*Timing may vary depending on the depth and complexity of the issue. We suggest you start with smaller issues as your mind is like a muscle and you need to work up the strength to gain speed.

Come see if this works for you in a free demo session and experience the relief, wisdom and confidence that the MAP™ Method can bring you.

When: 12 February, 9.30AM to 11.00AM SGT/ 11 February, 8.30PM to 10.00PM EST
Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81030437953

This session is meditative in nature so it’s best to join the event from a quiet place without distractions.

I look forward to seeing you then!

See you there!

How to Use Your Intuition to Make the Right Decisions

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Do you find yourself procrastinating or uncertain about what to do? You can't decide between staying or leaving your job, ending or starting a relationship, spending on that trip or investing the money, or maybe you don't even have any idea what to do!

Being stuck in indecision and confusion leads to procrastination, fear, worry and doubt. It's like being in no man's land - and it doesn't feel good.

How do you know what's the right thing to do?

Come experience what it's like to make decisions and take actions from a place of certainty, confidence and faith that no matter what happens, you'll be okay - and it'll be the right decision for you.

Your intuition already knows and when you use that together with your rational mind, you will make decisions and take actions that feel right and good.

This is a revolutionary and transformational approach to creating and living a life of peace and a life you'll love. It's based on the latest in neuroscience research and proven to work with hundreds of people.

I hope to see you then!

When: 19 February, 9.30AM SGT / 18 February, 8.30PM EST
Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82986927096

This session is meditative in nature so it’s best to join the event from a quiet place without distractions.

How to be Financially Secure No Matter What Your Finances Are Like

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Everyone’s talking about inflation and recession in 2023. It’s hard not to get affected and swept up by the fears and feeling financially insecure.

How can you be financially secure amidst the uncertainties? Especially when you don’t have the kind of financial buffers already in place that all the financial experts say you should?

You already know what you’re supposed to do when it comes to your finances - save, budget, invest. The question is, how are you supposed to do that when you don’t even have anything left at the end of the month?

Rather than feeling ashamed and embarrassed that ‘you should know better, and do better’, it’s time to do something that gets real results in a way that is respectful, non-judgmental, private, gentle, safe and most of all, DOABLE for anyone, at any point in their lives!

Whether you have a lot of money and are worried about losing it, or you fear not having enough of it and are stressed about where you’re going to get it, come experience the peace of knowing that no matter what you’ll be alright and you’ll figure it out.

I hope to see you then!

When: 26 February, 9.30AM SGT / 25 February, 8.30PM EST
Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85095708225

This session is meditative in nature so it’s best to join the event from a quiet place without distractions.