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What we’re about

TIMEOC was started to help people get technology ideas made into reality.


    Anyone with a startup idea (ESPECIALLY if you have been thinking about it for some time and have not REALLY done anything about it just yet).

    Entrepreneurs, business and/or software developers, graphic artists, testers, copywriters, etc.

    Others that may want to contribute.

We take your idea and help you refine it, test it and build your prototype. Just to be clear - you are doing the work. We just help guide you to resources (usually FREE, but some ask for equity or other payment). Once your prototype is built, you may want to get funding (we can help), make strategic partners (we can help), or just let it grow organically.

Meetings are 6:30PM to 8:30PM. You can get there 30 minutes early if you want to network first, but when the meeting starts we have short intros and then talk about our ideas. We wrap up with other events you may want to also attend in the area.

No technologies are promoted here over any other. There are attendees that recommend WordPress, Drupal, Microsoft MVC, iOS, etc. We try to fit the right tech to your application.

There is so much available in technology today, this is a place for free discussion and brainstorming so EVERYONE can learn something by the end of each meeting.

Come and enjoy!