East Bay Tiny House Enthusiasts Hangout at Ace Monster Toys Makerspace

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10 people went

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Hey Everyone,

Based on talking with some group members, I thought it would be cool to plan a meetup strictly for socializing/chilling.

I recently joined an awesome makerspace, Ace Monster Toys in Oakland, with generous guest privileges, so I am going to hold the meetup here in the Co-Working Space (Room 206). The most important thing to get out of the way is to have anyone attending sign an AMT liability waiver. I am free to show anyone with a liability waiver on file the wood shop, metal shop, and electronics+textiles room. (This will by no means be a comprehensive/official tour, but I think it is really worth seeing if you're a maker of any kind.)

In the co-working space I will have a percolator of chai tea from Priya Indian Restaurant, as well as access to a projector. Bring your laptops/smartphones and we can sit around, talk about builds, share photos, and just generally geek out.

Children are 100% welcome in these spaces provided they're accompanied by a guardian and have a liability waiver on file signed by the guardian.

To sign and file the liability waiver electronically, go here and click on "Complete the Liability Waiver" under "Guest Forms": https://www.acemonstertoys.org/forms/

Optional, but highly recommended, join Ace Monster Toy's public Slack instance (will make sharing photos easier). Visit https://www.acemonstertoys.org/contact-us/, scroll to "Slack for community conversations", enter your email.

Alcohol is allowed in the Co-Working Space. This event is Bring Your Own Beer, Watch Your Own Children, Etc.