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ALL BABIES & TOTS WELCOME! We do want to find lots of advanced and gifted babes, but all are encouraged to join. Socialization is equally important for all at all levels. Learning opportunities are inspired for the advanced or gifted child, but will benefit all others as they are ready to participate. Please ask me questions when in doubt!

Visit our other 'Pages' for more information and links that will help describe what gifted baby or toddler characteristics are. Parents interested in supporting infant/toddler semi-formal education are also welcome to join and partake.

Why "Tiny Pippins"? As an educator specializing in brain-based curriculum design, I see the brain as collecting little seeds of information that when nurtured properly, will sprout to connect in an efficient and organized manner. These connections, will give the brain tagged & categorize relationships that consistently bring you to that "Ah Ha" moment. Leading to creativity, critical thinking and discoveries great and small!

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