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Help get Paul Perry elected!!!

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Sign Wave for Paul Perry this Saturday at the Walmart in Midlothian. (400 N Highway 67, Midlothian) We’ll meet at a convenient location in Dallas at 10:30 am and will drive together to wave signs and hand out literature. Paul is in a very close race in Ellis County for County Commissioner. He should win. Most of you remember Paul who ran for Republican State Party Chairman in 2008, along with Debra Medina as his Vice Chairman, with both running as Ron Paul supporters. He did us all proud by getting over 40% of the vote against incumbent Tina Benckiser. Let’s take a little time out of our busy schedules to help out Paul and let him know we appreciate what he did (and continues to do) for Ron Paul and the cause of Liberty. This is a race where we can really make a difference. Please sign up now and if you have any questions call Steve Heath at (972)–406–9266.


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