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**July 2023 Update**

Too many people cancel their RSVPs at the last minute, so I think I'll stop hosting events. During COVID, we had a lot of fun with responsible members joining. Now I feel like it is mostly tourists who sign up without considering the other people involved, or just straight-up scumbags looking to meet girls on this site. If you want to come out on a weekday, feel free to message me on IG @ramenadventures and maybe I can set something up, but for now, consider Tokyo Bay Boats to have run its course.

I passed my boating license exam around 2017 and have been renting boats around Japan since. I usually go from Yumenoshima in Tokyo but also enjoy driving boats in Yokohama, Enoshima, Laka Yamanakako, Numazu, and Shizuoka.

The cost is about 4000 yen for a 3-hour ride and 6000 yen for a 6-hour ride.

Here are some videos that people made on the boat. So fun!


  • If you look at a map, we can cruise from Haneda in the south, Tokyo Sky Tree in the north, Disney in the east, and everywhere in between.
  • Yes, I can help you get your license if you are interested. I have old tests and study materials. I can also refer you to schools if you don't want to do everything on your own.
  • is where I stream. Please follow me!
  • Please wear your life jacket at all times. It's the law.
  • From 2023 there is now a toilet (head) on the boat. Hooray!
  • You can absolutely drink alcohol on the boat.