What we're about


Do you want to make new friends here? If your answer is YES, TOKYO EXPLORE will be best Meetup group for you.


TOKYO EXPLORE is a Meetup group established in 2020 to provide opportunities to build international exchange or friendship with fellow members from all backgrounds in Tokyo. This Meetup group is hosted by WCP(World Citizen Project).

Q:What we do?

We regularly pick up interesting events in Tokyo to offer a variety of opportunities for members with similar interests to connect; whether they're international parties, language exchange events, picnics or many more.

(Ex.Language exchanges, drink at bar, morning Meetup, sports event, free teaching class, consultation of going overseas)

Q:Why we do it?

The mission of the WCP is to create a place where everyone can share their thoughts and thoughts through community building. Instagram activities are also part of that. Let's enliven Tokyo with us as the most advanced city for international exchange!


Most used language is English but you don't have to be worried about speaking level. There will be at least one who speak English or Japanese in every event.

We promise to make best efforts to offer a great value for participants!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event of us :)


東京で新しい友達を作るならTOKYO EXPLOREに参加してみませんか?

TOKYO EXPLOREは、多様なバックグラウンドを持つ人と繋がり、同じ目的や興味を持つ仲間と出会え機会を創出します。(例、ランゲージエクスチェンジ、交流会、朝活、留学相談、留学生サポーター会)



WCPのミッションは 、「コミュニティ作りを通して皆が考えや想いを発信できる場を作ること」です。インスタグラム活動もその一環として行っています。さあ、私たちと東京を国際交流の最先端の街として盛り上げていきましょう!




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