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We have also recently launched the Tokyo FinTech Podcast, which is available on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/tokyofintech) as well as on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/norbertgehrke).

We welcome ALL FinTech people (established and startups), and those in established financial services organisations. Plus, anyone just curious and wanting to learn. Every month we'll debate and discuss how FinTech is disrupting traditional financial services; from P2P lending, comparison websites, robo-advisor wealth managers, to bitcoin and crypto currencies.

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Tokyo FinTech Meetup #45 - MOBU, Africa's Investment Bank of the Future

MOBU, the smart investment bank & Africa's investment bank of the future MOBU is the full infrastructure solution for security tokens. MOBU is vertically integrating all major financial services under one roof with the use of distributed ledger technology: 1) MOBU supports companies that want to raise capital like an investment bank (smart security issuance platform) 2) MOBU provides secondary trading like a stock exchange (smart security exchange) 3) MOBU provides a banking solution to everyday investors. (digital banking solution) All implemented on the blockchain to ensure more automation and less middlemen to support corporate efficiency. Chief Executive Officer Juan Engelbrecht bought his first shares at the age of fifteen, and was a trader at the largest proprietary stockbroking firm in South Africa before he became CEO of an asset management company managing USD 700m in assets. He then started the largest cryptomining operation in the Southern Hemisphere. Juan believes that capital markets are inefficient with too high fees and too many middlemen, thus the discovery of MOBU. https://www.linkedin.com/in/juan-engelbrecht-a8697948/ Doors will open at 6:30pm Presentation will commence at 7pm, followed by Q&A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would like to thank CoinCamp for hosting this event.

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #46 - BiiLabs and IOTA

Impact HUB Tokyo

BiiLabs - Blockchain Industry and Innovation Labs - is based in Taipei and has been one of the earliest adopters of the IOTA Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. Since there has not been much visible IOTA activity in Japan of late, we are excited to welcome Co-Founder & CEO Lman Chu and his team for a presentation and educational Q&A. https://biilabs.io/ Sample use cases: Energy - Elements of smart cities include smart charging, smart building, and smart mobility. However, massive facilities come with enormous costs of centralization, whether energy generation or transmission. Thus, the concept of smart energy Community is to meet self-sufficiency by the incentive called smart grids, a type of cryptocurrency, and eventually to shape into an innovative business model. Digital Identity - Digital Identity, application of distributed ledger technology, is greatly suitable for online voting, medical record management, data exchange between cities, and so on. Centralization in digital identity hardly works in the future with the alarming awareness of self-sovereignty. As a result, DLT would be the best alternative technology to realize online voting, medical record management, and inter-city data exchanges. Supply Chain - Supply chain management emphasizes on the transparency, authorized participations and immutable records. Therefore, DLT gets its role here to strike the trust balances in consumers, producers, transporters, retail and public institutions in the contribution of the integration of global trades. Data Market - DLT could achieve the need of self-sovereignty, which indicates that users could control their personal data as well as keep the traceability of private information at will. We can foresee that there would be a new marketplace of data. Machine Economy - A revolutionary peer-to-peer network gets rid of transaction fees and goes further into a machine-to-machine world. In other words, machines with independent wallets could automatically make the transaction with non-humans, which means a new machine-centered business model is emerging. Certificates - Certificates, representatives proving an individual, have a big issue on reliability and blockchain technology can make good use of distributed ledger to create the trust ecosystem in certificates, not to mention more efficient management in digital forms. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow us! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Impact HUB Tokyo is proud to be the official venue for the Tokyo FinTech Meetup (TFM). Impact HUB Tokyo is part innovation lab, business incubator and coworking space where a community of (social) entrepreneurs gathers, connects and exchanges knowledge and ideas. As Impact HUB Tokyo, we share the vision and passion with TFM to create a community and movements around FinTech in Tokyo. Want to know more about us? Check out our website: http://en.hubtokyo.com/

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #47 - Cardano with Charles Hoskinson


Charles will be back in Tokyo in June! Following the IOHK Summit in Miami in April, there will be quite a few new developments to discuss. Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, does not need an introduction. But then we will do one anway (Japanese follows English): Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder to study analytic number theory before moving into cryptography through industry exposure. His professional experience includes founding three cryptocurrency-related start-ups – Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK – and he has held a variety of posts in both the public and private sectors. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013. His current projects focus on education people about cryptocurrency, being an evangelist for decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream. This includes leading the research, design and development of Cardano, a third-generation cryptocurrency that launched in September 2017. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- コロラド州を拠点に活動する起業家かつ数学者。メトロポリタン州立大学デンバー校およびコロラド大学ボルダー校で解析的整数論を学んだ後、業界経験を経て暗号学の世界に入る。 Invictus Innovations、Ethereum、IOHK と 3 社の暗号通貨関連企業のスタートアップ実績があり、米国内外において公共団体や民間団体のさまざまなポストに就任。また、ビットコイン財団教育委員会の初代委員長でもあり、2013 年に Cryptocurrency Research Group を設立している。 現在は暗号通貨に関する教育に主軸を置き、分散型テクノロジーのエバンジェリストとして、暗号ツールをメインストリーム層により使いやすく活用するプロジェクトに取り組んでいる。2017 年 9 月にスタートした第 3 世代の暗号通貨、カルダノの研究および設計開発の主導も、こうした取り組みの一環として行っている。 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Please follow our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ for further updates and industry news. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would like to thank BinaryStar for hosting this event.

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Tokyo FinTech Meetup #44 - State of the Crypto Markets


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