Tokyo FinTech Meetup #50 - PnP FinTech Showcase, Third Edition

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Please join us for an exciting evening of startup presentations, and a celebration of our 50th Tokyo FinTech Meetup at BinaryStar!

Plug and Play Japan is an innovation platform that serves as a bridge between Japan and the world's global innovation ecosystem. During 2018, we held our first joint event. We are pleased to partner for the third time with Plug and Play Japan, and Yuki Kishi, in bringing you the FinTech startups of the current batch for a closer look.

Tentatively, the following startups are going to present:

Cygnetise enables organisations to easily manage their signatory lists and bank mandates, whilst decreasing the risk of signatory fraud. Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the data is validated on a permissioned blockchain where the user has full control of their own data. In addition, all amendments are recorded providing an immutable audit trail which shows what was changed and by whom, increasing the security of your data. Cygnetise can be used to manage: authorised signatory lists, bank mandates, sensitive document sharing, director lists, authorised trader lists (MiFid II), and shareholder lists.

Founded in 2017, DLT Labs is a global leader in distributed data management and enterprise solutions powered by blockchain. We have advanced competency in technical innovation for data and digital asset provenance storage, management and exchange for companies of all sizes around the world. With offices in Canada, India and Japan, DLT’s premier team of distributed application architects, designers and integrators has created a full suite of secure and scalable blockchain products to service enterprise clients, including: DL Certify, DL Registry, DL Asset Track, DL Wallet, DL Data Consent, DL ICO Plus, DL Learn, and DL Loyalty. DLT is an Authorized IBM Business Partner, a partner with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (pwc), a partner of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Hyperledger and Linux Foundation, a member of BiTA (blockchain in Transportation Alliance), a member of MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), and technology partner for several other companies.

Moneythor is a financial technology company developing banking software components designed to provide better digital banking for customers and enhanced marketing & analytics for banks. Its solutions enable financial institutions to deliver improved functionality and experience to their customers across their digital channels.

Trueface is a face recognition company that applies advanced computer vision technology to camera footage and images to enable businesses to make immediate decisions based on identified patterns. We believe that through the responsible use of computer vision technology, we can live in a safer, smarter world.

Plus, Attivita will also present.