Tokyo FinTech Meetup #64 - Open Pitch Night


A fantastic line up of speakers for our first Open Mic Session of 2020. If you would still like to throw your hat into the ring, please submit your proposal here:


The implementation of the 5G mobile phone standard will drastically change the medical care industry in leaps and bounds. It will save many lives through true remote analysis, diagnose, and surgical procedures. This talk will suggest some opportunities and challenges over the next 5 years in this space.

John Kirch - Uppsala Security / Sentinel Protocol
Uppsala Security is focused on collecting, validating, and sharing crowdsourced Security Threat Intelligence related to cybercrime for protecting digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Their primary focus has been on developing security solutions and services analyzing and defending organizations from the hacking, scams. and fraud that has been targeting organizations and causing billions of dollars (US$) in damages. Uppsala's clients include firms providing crypto exchanges, wallets, asset tokenization, and payment services.

Scherzade Agha - Fulbright Scholar
How to build a research around cryptocurrency: From gathering data to making models, Agha's personal journey from going down the crypto rabbit hole.

John Robinson - Komodo Platform
Komodo is an open, composable blockchain platform. With a unique multi-chain design, Komodo is focused on providing fully composable blockchain solutions for independent developers, startups, and enterprise businesses alike. John will specifically cover decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps in his talk.

Quark Li - Cyphereco
Cyphereco have created an innovative and user-friendly hardware crypto-key which let everyone can start using Bitcoin just like using Suica.


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