Tokyo FinTech Meetup #65 - Mambu - Enter into the Era of Composable Banking


1 - Mambu presentation as outlined below
2 - Fireside chat with Hayley and Yamagami-san, discussing banking trends in Japan and across the region
3 - Networking drinks

Although banking has changed a lot over the last decade, the roaring 20s will make that pace seem glacial. For the vast majority of banks, this rapidly accelerating change is an existential threat. The sunk investments in legacy IT act as a straight jacket attached to a ball and chain set in concrete (or for those Godfather fans: are the horse head on the bed). However, for some courageous banks this is an opportunity to break away from the pack, take on a fresh design by re-imagining and re-building a digital first, composable bank that is modern, customer focused, and agile. Not necessarily attributes that you would associate with the current state of banking in Japan.

Mambu has been instrumental in empowering digital innovation for banks, lenders and startups globally. Mambu is the agile core engine behind some of the most successful neobanks and lenders, including N26, OakNorth, New10, Zest and many more.

Tokyo FinTech has previous reported on the Mambu success story at N26, one of Europe's most successful neobanks:

During this event we will discuss:
What does the landscape of digital banking/neobanking look like?
Case studies of disruptive digital leaders
The composable banking philosophy
Mambu solution overview

Followed by networking drinks!


Your speakers:

Hayley Zhu - Partner Manager, APAC for Mambu
'Over 15 years of experience across banking and technology, having worked for banks and legacy solutions providers, and lived through the challenges day-in and day-out, it makes it all the more refreshing and gratifying to be working for a truly innovative digital leader.'

Akira Yamagami - Partner, NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Yamagami-san leads the financial services consulting practice globally. He is a Specialist Member of the Financial Council's “Working Group on Advancement of Settlement Operations”, a Member of the Financial Services Agency's “Payment Advancement Public-Private Promotion Council”, and a Member of the Zengin-Net Expert Committee, among others. His most recent book is “The Age of Financial Digital Innovation” (Diamond).


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