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TFM #169 - IN PERSON - SusLab (ESG, SDG) & Sedicii/Nillion (ZKP, SMPC)

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TFM #169 - IN PERSON - SusLab (ESG, SDG) & Sedicii/Nillion (ZKP, SMPC)


This event will be in two parts, with speakers covering very different domains. First, we will talk ESG and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), then in the second part get more technical with Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) and Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC).

Part I

We are excited to welcome Yuki Kishi back to the Tokyo FinTech Meetup, Previously heading FinTech (among other areas) at Plug & Play Japan, Yuki joined Sustainable Lab at the beginning of the year as the Chief Financial Officer. SusLab is a data bank that uses AI technology to support SDG and ESG development goals and investments.

Part II

We are equally excited to be able to take advantage of Rob Leslie's trip to Japan to invite him to the Tokyo FinTech Meetup. Rob is the Founder & CEO at Sedicii, and the Co-Founder & President at Nilliion, and one of Ireland's most prominent technology entrepreneurs. Rob was the first person to teach me Zero-Knowledge Proofs, around 2014, during the early Sedicii days.

18:30 - Doors open, networking
19:00 - Part I, presentation and Q&A
19:30ish - Part II, presentation and Q&A
20:00 - Networking
20:45 - Event closes

We thank SPACES Shinagawa for welcoming us back into their co-working setup. The SPACES coffee shop will be open prior to presentation start for the purchase of refreshments.


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Tokyo FinTech Meetup
Tokyo FinTech Meetup
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Minato City, Kōnan, 2-chōme−16−1, Shinagawa East One Tower · Tokyo