Authentic nihonshyu (sake) brewery tour & tasting followed by a fun picnic :)

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Ishikawa Brewery

Haijima · Tokyo

How to find us

We`ll meet at the Big Box entrance of the Seibu Shinjuku train line.

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It's risky scheduling an event that includes a picnic during the rainy season but the weather forecast at the moment is good enough to have a fun picnic! Also; on the off chance the weather ins`t great we can always make a plan B spontaneously :)

For city slickers wanting to escape busy city life for a few hours to tour a traditional nihonshyu (sake) brewery - - followed by a fun & active picnic in a park next to the Tama river.

Even though Haijima - 44 minute ride from Takadanobaba Station - is in Tokyo it feels like you`re deep in the countryside.

Here's a breakdown of the day;

11:30am for 11:40am : Meetup time. Takadanobaba Station (JR/Tozai/Seibu Lines) at the Big Box entrance of the Seibu Shinjuku train line. Please note that our express train leaves at 11:45am sharp.

Meeting at Haijima station @ 12:30pm is fine too.

1pm - 2pm : Authentic sake and beer tour (Explanation, description - in English - and tasting).

Founded in 1881, this brewery has a long and proud history of making delicious sake and more recently beer. Our guide will give us details about the brewing processes, the history of sake in Japan and other interesting information about sake and beer.

The tour focuses on sake 90% of the time and beer 10%.

Note : While there`s sake tasting there unfortunately won`t be beer tasting.

2:05pm - 5:45pm : Picnic in Minami Koen. Enjoy the time as you`d like doing anything you're in the mood for.

These are some of the games that`ll be available for us to enjoy together;

UNO/chess/scrabble/soccer/football/volleyball/badminton/frisbee/skipping ropes and many more.

What makes this park extra appealing is that it has a great obstacle course for those of us that enjoy sporty activities. These activities are of course optional.

Joining fee : ¥1 000 which includes the brewery tour, picnic and a special healthy treat.

If you prefer to only join for the brewery tour (¥500 joining fee) this is fine too.

I`ll bring sheets for everyone to sit on. There`ll be some sheets in the shade and some in the sun.

At the moment the weather is looking really ideal - 28 degrees, sunny with no chance of rain.

Who`s this event for? Any sake, beer, Japanese experience, outdoor, picnic, friend making, obstacle course, games, sport and healthy living loving individual.

Notes :

- No under 20`s

- The park has a no alcohol policy

- The cost - ¥410 one way - of the transport isn`t included in the joining fee

- We`ll stop by a kombini - convenience store - on the way to the park to pick up food & drink.