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Weekend travel and outdoor adventure club for people living in or visiting japan.

In winter we have ski/snowboard trips to shiga kogen, nozawa onsen, hakuba, zao onsen, myoko and naeba ski resort areas just to name a few!

During the green season we have outdoor adventures every weekend.

Club membership is free and everyone is welcome!

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Rafting in Okutama

JR Mitake Station

A fun day out in Okutama! White water rafting on the upper reaches of the Tama river followed by a short riverside hike and a visit to a beautiful riverside sake brewery. YOU MUST BE SIGNED-UP ON THE OFFICIAL PAGE TO JOIN: https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/trips/2019-06-29/okutama-white-water-rafting.html This Trip Features: * White water rafting in beautiful Okutama! * Easy day trip - just over 1hr direct train from Tokyo * Short riverside hike * Visit to the local riverside Sake Brewery Rafting in Japan is one of the most fun and exciting ways to escape the city, spend time outdoors and refresh yourself in beautiful natural surroundings. You dont need any previous experience and all equipment is provided. During our Okutama rafting trips we meet at Mitake Station (90min direct train from Shinjuku) and walk together along the river to the rafting base. After getting changed and equipped we spend the morning heading down stream on the rafts, battling the rapids along the way! Its six people per raft so its also a great way to meet people as you work together to master the river. After a fun morning on the river we take a short riverside stroll to the local sake brewery where we can have lunch by the river and try some of the fantastic local rice wine on offer. There is also the option to visit one of the local hot springs as well before heading back to Tokyo.

Kayaking in Okutama

Shiromaru Station 白丸駅

A fun day in Okutama! Kayaking through the beautiful upper reaches of the Tama river followed by a visit to a riverside sake brewery. YOU MUST SIGN UP ON THE OFFICIAL TRIP PAGE LINKED BELOW TO JOIN: https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/trips/2019-06-30/okutama-kayak-golden-week.html Kayaking is a leisurely and fun way to explore the area and take in the beautiful leafy green surroundings. We will be kayaking on the Shiromaru section of the Tama river which is predominantly a gentle lake like section famous for its incredible green and clear waters. We will be doing a beginners course so its fine for first-timers. A short hike along the riverside will get us to the local Sake Brewery where we can sample the great local sake and have lunch by the river. After relaxing at and exploring the sake brewery and gardens you can choose to head home or visit the local onsen.

Climb Mt Fuji!


A weekend trip to climb the mighty Mt. Fuji - the tallest and most iconic mountain in Japan! YOU MUST SIGN UP ON THE OFFICIAL TRIP PAGE LINKED BELOW TO JOIN: https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/trips/2019-07-06/climb-mt-fuji.html (日本語案内は以下のページでご覧できます): https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/jp/trips/2019-07-06/climb-mt-fuji.html The official climbing season for Mt Fuji lasts for only a few months, from July to early September. The trek to the summit is extremely popular and is completed annually by around 250,000 people! Reaching the summit of this incredible mountain leaves an unbeatable feeling of achievement and the spectacular views are well worth the hike. Our hike will be timed so that we will reach the summit before the sunrise, catching the first rays of sunlight from the highest point in Japan while the rest of the country sleeps! There are several different approaches to climb Mt. Fuji. We will be taking the Yoshida trail starting at the Kawaguchiko 5th station (2305m). It is an intermediate level climb to the summit, which depending on your pace, will take 5 to 8 hours. The trail is approximately 6km long with an elevation change of around 1500m. While it is considered an intermediate level course, the Kawaguchiko trail is a suitable trail for all ages and all levels of experience. There is no actual climbing required, just hiking, but there are some steep parts where you need to use your hands. We will be taking the hike nice and easy to allow us to aclimatize to the alititude and reserve our energy. We plan to reach the summit around 3:30am, where we can rest and get a good spot to view the sunrise. There are a few huts at the summit that serve some hot dishes and are open from around 3:30am. A good chance to enjoy breakfast on top of the world! There is also an optional hike all the way around the crater at the summit of Mt. Fuji that takes around 1hr to complete. The descent from the summit takes a slightly different trail for some of the way and is quicker than the climb up, taking around 3 to 4 hours. You will never look at Mt. Fuji the same way again after having climbed to the top. This is definitely a must do for anyone living in or visiting Japan. Hope you can join us!

Nijima Island Getaway (Long Weekend)

Tokyo (Takeshiba)

Long weekend camping getaway to the idyllic & beautiful Niijima! Surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, snorkeling, BBQs, relaxing on the beach. YOU MUST SIGN UP ON THE OFFICIAL TRIP PAGE LINKED BELOW TO JOIN: https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/trips/2019-07-12/niijima-tokyo-izu-island.html (日本語案内は以下のページでご覧できます): https://www.tokyosnowclub.com/jp/trips/2019-07-12/niijima-tokyo-izu-island.html Niijima is one of the Izu islands, located 160km from the Tokyo port. The island is famous for its sandy white beaches and turquoise waters which are ideal for surfing, snorkeling and swimming. The Niijima campground is very picturesque, located at the base of a small mountain and surrounded by green leafy trees. Looking forward to it!

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Kayaking in Okutama

Shiromaru Station 白丸駅

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