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RTP trail maintenance work day

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We will be doing some trail maintenance work on the RTP trails.

I figure we will go straight to setting the bridge. It's easily seen down stream a little ways from the trail. Will bring cordless drills to remove some of the decking board to get to the rebar. A lot of sand on the trail as well, will need to re-establish the trail tread.

If we have time, we can reset some of the flagstone and other pieces of rip rap to smooth out the crossing at the other drainage crossing.

Probably no time or even able to fix this but more of an assesment:

The connector from the parking lot to the first loop has some serious drainage issues. There is no slope to work with for standard trail maintenance. I figure we would either use some gravel to raise the trail. Or a combination of gravel and flagstone to allow water to seep through on its way to the creek. Or a boardwalk which will also allow the water to seep underneath to the creek. I imagine it will eventually dry out if we don't get any more rain.

There are a couple wet spots that just need spooned out on the down slope. The section of phase two that is a raised trail with standing water on the side. It has a couple wet spots that could use some fill dirt\gravel. These are low sunken spots versus puddles getting hung up from sheeting down slope.

Currently, there are some low spots on the trails that are collecting and holding water. We will need to re-establish the out slope on the spots to allow the water to flow off the trail. We will go over the instructions on how to properly trim back growth and to properly establish bench and outslope on the trails before we split up and go to work.

Please bring any loppers that you might have, TORC will provide the rest of the tools. Be sure to bring plenty of water, work gloves and boots or sturdy shoes.

Depending on the amount of people who attend will depend on how fast we finish the work. We will not work past 3 hours.

If anybody would like to ride after the work day, please rsvp that you are willing to lead the group or ride with the group. I will not be staying after to lead a ride.


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