New Light trail work

Triangle Off Road Cyclists (TORC)
Triangle Off Road Cyclists (TORC)
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New Light trail work, Wednesday Aug 10 (

5:30pm, back of parking area

I'm going to be trimming the overgrowth on (what I think is called) Sigs Loop near the lake before the switchback climb.

Chris D is considering tackling the big tree at the log jump / drop. He needs someone to be safety guy, gas carrier, maybe extra saw carrier in case his gets bound up. (Remember never stand downhill of a tree that is being cut.)

Unless you are Ranger Rick expert chain-sawer, I encourage people to leave the big leaning tree alone until a storm blows it over.

Trimming is also needed between the short re-route we did around the drainage problem where the trail intersects the fire road, and the gauntlet. This area was trimmed last fall and has also been burned, but gets a lot of sun. So it is overgrown in a few spots again.

First loop has three small drainage issues that I flagged. Two look like they could just be de-bermed. The third is between two flags with the heads bent inward toward the problem. This one might require a minor reroute to some steeper ground because the trail is fairly low compared to surrounding ground. The drainage issues can wait until colder weather if we don't get a lot of people out for this trail day.