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Wednesday night BC


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Briar Chapel Night Rides!

Type of ride: This is an intermediate to advanced ride. This is not a beginner ride.

Meet time: 5:30pm
Ride time: 5:45pm

Group ride details: Average pace will be 8 to 10 mph with minimum stops.

Trail description: BC has technically challenging climbs and difficult rock gardens.

What you should have for the ride: A helmet, gloves, hydration and lights are required. Minimum lumens for night riding should be no less than 300. Better to have helmet light as priority with optional bar light as secondary.

I’ll be repeating this ride weekly so if a later start time would help attendance, I’d like your feedback.

This should be a fun intermediate or above group ride. Good time for training during the Winter and getting some mileage base during the week. May grab food or drinks afterward. Post up in comments if interested in sticking around a bit after the ride.

Come join us!