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Data Science with Python - Trends, Use Cases and Job Market

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Python is hot!!! Youtube, Dropbox, Quora, Eventbrite, and many other famous Internet companies are built on python. Data Scientists and Analysts love to use python for data analysis and machine learning, data engineers like to use python for scripting and DevOps, big data experts use python to handle data at scale and build data pipelines, and developers use python to build web applications.

Python has been hailed as one of the staples for programming in the data science field. It is among the top ten in-demand technologies around the world, and it is listed as one of the top ten highest-paying tech skills with salary over $100,000. It is powerful enough for experienced programmers to build real-world products, but also simple enough for beginners to pick up and jump start on meaningful projects in a short period of time.

WeCloudData invited two experienced data scientists from Kik and the Globe and Mail, which have formed data science team a few years ago, to share the python use cases from the projects they dealt with in their everyday's work.

Topics covered in this info session:

- Python for Data Science - The Why, What and How
- Data Science Job Market in Toronto
- Getting started with Python and Data Science

At the same time, we will offer a free info session of our key python course to those who are interested in honing their python skills for data science through a series of projects and preparing for the data science jobs in Canada. With our carefully designed projects, experienced teaching team, and on-going support, we are confident that you will be comfortable taking on challenges that big data analytics throws at you after finishing the course.


Vinny Nguyen

Vinny Nguyen is a machine learning engineer currently working at Beam Data, a Toronto based AI consulting company. Coming from a web development background, Vinny transitioned into a Machine Learning engineer role by working closely with clients on machine learning projects, model deployment, and building data pipelines. Vinny also has a strong passion for teaching. He not only helps WeCloudData deliver ML workshops and corporate training, but also teaches the Data Science course where he teaches students to build data portfolios through hands-on projects.

Shaohua Zhang

A self-trained data scientist and an expert in applied big data technologies, Shaohua has 9 years of experience in applied data science and has built a reputation for building high-performance data science teams. He is currently a senior data scientist at Kik Interactive Inc., helping the billion-dollar Canadian tech unicorn grow its big data initiative.

Prior to Kik, Shaohua built a high-performance data science team at BlackBerry that focused on building innovative data science solutions for marketing, CRM and product teams. His is specialized in user interest graph modeling, targeted advertising, scalable location intelligence and large-scale recommendation engines for mobile personalization. He also collaborated with Ryerson’s Data Science Lab on several big data research projects. Shaohua also helped build the big data course at Ryerson University where he trained over 150 professionals on big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and data sciences.