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Regent Park Community Aikido
WE ARE BACK TO OUR NORMAL SCHEDULE This weekly Wednesday class is for ages 18+ and all experience levels. Classes are free and happen in the new, modern facilities of this community centre on Shuter Street. The class actually starts at 6:00pm. Aiming to arrive at 5:45 will give you time to sign in and change your clothes. This basics aikido class will give you a sense of our flowing movements and thoughtful approach. The essential strategy of aikido is to connect with the energetic attack of your partner in a way that they lose their balance - then the movement continues in a manner that your partner can be pinned to the ground, thus neutralizing the aggression. Both partners learn how to move in a safe and relaxed , but energetic, way. Once you get the hang of it, practicing the art is a joy. Gain flexibility, stamina and strength. Please bring sweatpants and t-shirt or a martial arts uniform if you have it. There are change rooms. The practice floor has soft mats.

Regent Park Community Centre

402 Shuter Street · Toronto, ON

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So, you've been thinking about trying a martial art!? "Aiki" is a Japanese term that refers to a process of taking 2 or more opposing forces and blending them together into a single unified harmonious energy. It is a non-confrontational strategy that can be very powerful. We do not compete nor wrestle, nor spar. We practice scenarios and develop mind/body harmony. In Japanese, "Do" means a "way", "path" or method. Hence "Aikido".


We offer 2 classes per week, Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon at Regent Park Community Centre. Classes are free!

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