This one is for the ladies out there, my 16 year old daughter will begin riding my PCX soon is there any gender specific advice you may have

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  • absolutely,she will be going to Humber for rider training, just like me 30+ years ago.

    2 months ago
    • Agree with all the above, take the lessons to learn the skills and feel confident. Get the full M.

      Get a cool jacket preferably with body armour. Riding in the city can feel scary at times, and the jacket will make you safer, and add to your confidence. Plus people do think a chick in an armoured jacket is cool, so you won't be tempted to not dress safely.

      Always wear gloves. Even a low-speed fall will hurt you a lot if you don't have protection on. I fell once during training and had bruises the size of dinner plates. Was very happy to have gloves on.

      2 months ago
        • Wear some funky boots, but wear solid footwear. DO NOT under any circumstances, try to get away with sandals, sneakers or similar. (You can find lots of deals on funky boots on ebay. They do not need to be motorcycle boots, just something solid. At the very least leather booties.) If I need other footwear for a meeting or whatever, I change after I park the scooter.

          Have fun riding!!

          2 months ago